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From LPR implementation to ALPR data management:

Faster Market Access

Integrators waste an excessive amount of money, time and personnel to integrate leading LPR technology into their systems. Asura brings you the new generation of LPR integration – a turnkey solution which allows the integration of any LPR engine into any ALPR system.

Implementation support

Asura aims to be the #1 partner of system integrators. We deliver optimized features of the LPR software you purchased and as a partner fully support your integration efforts from implementation to maintenance.

Guaranteed service quality

We guarantee our solutions to live up to your expectations with its features. Our LPR solutions have been designed to seamlessly integrate into your ALPR system, through a basic setup process.

Full adaptability

Asura is vendor-independent from the LPR technology point of view. Be it visual input devices or triggers the Asura LPR solution integrates seamlessly and delivers continuous high level output.

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The Asura GRID


The Asura GRID experience starts with the ARU (Asura Recognition Unit) to streamline LPR software integration. The ARU advantages:

  • Seamless integration of the LPR into your ALPR system
  • Easy setup through a user friendly UI
  • Process optimization that will deliver and edge over competitor solutions

Implementation Support

We care about our customers and are not satisfied with you buying our solution until it works as promised. By purchasing the GRID solution we will act as your backup in business and your technical support assisting you on the field. This means that in case you are facing a problem during the integration or with a 3rd party product like an LPR camera, VMS or any other SDK our number one priority is helping you solve the problem through our technical support.

  • Integrators working with Asura receive customized and expanded support with warranty elements to 3rd party solutions as well.

Performance Optimization

There is always room for improvement in any ALPR system. Whether you want to optimize the costs of running your ALPR system or improve the performance Asura is there to assist you.

Data Management Solutions

The ARU ALPR process and integration offers integrators more than simply obtaining a result (LP) for an event (vehicle). At the end of the ARU process results are validated using a sophisticated algorithm and all events are stored in a database for future reference. You can access, export and personalize the validated events for a number of custom application fields like managing access permissions or backtracking surveillance data.

Products & Solutions


Products that address the most pressing needs of integrators – seamless integration of LPR technology and optimal operation of your ALPR system.

ARU 1.0

Fully adaptable, high accuracy LPR solution

ARU (Asura Recognition Unit) is a high accuracy software solution for finding license plates and recognizing various properties and characters from different image sources. ARU is flexible, it can be fully adapted to assure your LPR system delivers the highest recognition rate possible.
Main features:

  • Connects to various image sources and resolves images from IP camera or any folder containing image and video files.
  • Maximizes performance, optimizes resources and minimizes OCR engine license usage.
  • Provides results in an easily accessible database format to facilitate integration.


We provide a demo version of the ARU software for free. You can test it, integrate it and experience the performance without investing a dollar.  

Click here to download demo for free


The GUI ensures that the application is easy to configure and operate. Beside PCs ARU supports mobile devices like smart phones and tablets as well.


Input channels and output formats are fully customizable. ARU can be also fit into existing visual data collection systems to enable license plate recognition.


ASURA applies strict standards for its pre-sales support and aftercare. Our technical support package is customizable; choose only those services that you need. .

Cutting edge performance

The LPR engine license usage is optimized for maximal efficiency. Performance is continuously monitored by a sophisticated algorithm built to ensure continuous high level output.


Market leading LPR with ASURA support

CARMEN® ANPR engine is currently the most accurate and highest performance OCR engine in the market that is capable of recognizing license plates, reading characters, determining the country/state and numerous other properties like color and license plate position. It has been in continuous development for the past 25 years and is one of the most recognized and effective LPR engines today.
Main features:

  • Capable of 99%+ recognition rate
  • Flexible integration with API in various programming languages including C, C++, C# and JAVA
  • Available for all countries and license plate types in the world


CARMEN® is provided as an API to enable free integration into LPR systems. ASURA is an expert in OCR integration and is there to assist you in the effort. You don’t need to invest an unpredictable amount of money to succeed with the integration. We help you to plan the exact amount of support you need from acquisition through integration to operation.


ASURA takes aftercare very seriously and grants the level of support you require as per the SLA specified at the time of purchase. Discuss with our professionals the type of support you need and we will handle the rest.

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Support Services

Integration Support

Following your purchase of ARU, our professional team is there to aid you in system design, implementation and troubleshooting any upcoming problems during system operation.

Proper integration of OCR into an LPR system is extremely important for integrators as it is directly connected to the performance of the LPR system. Asura provides full integration support following the purchase to maximize your recognition efficiency. Some of the services provided for ASURA clients include:

  • System design tips and assistance;
  • Assistance in calculating the required number of licenses for your system;
  • Giving resource management aid by defining required support level.

Data Management Services

The Asura Recognition Unit includes database solutions for storing entries of significant events. (e.g.: a vehicle passing through the monitored road section) The event management process ends with the event properties stored in an easily accessible database. This allows the operator of the LPR system to access additional information of the site traffic and use it for further applications. The database can be easily copied and modified, used as reference for comparison or applied as statistical data for business intelligence, process optimization, security and many other purposes. A few examples of practical application:

  • Tracking back surveillance data
  • Creating permission database and managing access permissions
  • Calculate road toll or parking fee
  • Many more…

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