ARU is a Special Mention of the
2018 Intertraffic Innovation Award.

Camera vendor independent,
plug ‘n play LPR technology
delivering 98%+ recognition rate globally.
Meet ARU.

Camera vendor independent,
plug ‘n play LPR technology
98%+ recognition rate globally.
Meet ARU.

ARU is a Special Mention of the
2018 Intertraffic Innovation Award.

ARU Plug 'n PLay

Fully adaptable, high accuracy LPR solution

The Asura Recognition Unit (ARU) is a plug and play application enabling LPR technology in any new or existing traffic or parking data collection system.

Key features:

Connects to any IP camera and various image sources including video and image files.

It can adapt to multiple streaming formats as well such as MJPEG or H264.

No need for expensive sensors such as loops: ARU is 100% VA based.

It detects vehicles and license plates without external triggering.

Stores data of license plates in an easily applicable database, in various file formats

or pushes them to the business application directly on demand.

Multi lane reading: ARU can read license plates and distinguish traffic by lane

in case the image source shows multiple lanes. Multi lane reading is supported up to 3 lanes/camera.

ARU reads license plate registration numbers in any country of the world

and recognizes country of issuance in more than 110 countries.

ARU. The plug and play, camera-vendor independent license plate recognition system

Plug & Play

Integrating License Plate Recognition with ARU is easy, in 4 simple steps you have a working system. No development needed for integration so saving both time and money with ARU is easy.


Camera-vendor independent

ARU can work with any IP camera or image source that provides a sufficient image quality. You can manage your risk with vendors more effectively than ever. ARU will let you enable License Plate Recognition on CCTV and existing VMS systems as well.


98%+ recognition rate globally

Top rate License Plate Recognition reading: 98%+ recognition rate in over 100 countries. The recognition rates that ARU provide are maximized by innovative video analytics based on machine learning technology.

Supported Countries

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ASURA World Map

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Support Services

Integration Support

Following your purchase of ARU, our professional team is there to aid you in system design, implementation and troubleshooting any upcoming problems during system operation.

Proper integration of OCR into an LPR system is extremely important for integrators as it is directly connected to the performance of the LPR system. Asura provides full integration support following the purchase to maximize your recognition efficiency. Some of the services provided for ASURA clients include:

  • System design tips and assistance;
  • Assistance in calculating the required number of licenses for your system;
  • Giving resource management aid by defining required support level.

Data Management Services

The Asura Recognition Unit includes database solutions for storing entries of significant events. (e.g.: a vehicle passing through the monitored road section) The event management process ends with the event properties stored in an easily accessible database. This allows the operator of the LPR system to access additional information of the site traffic and use it for further applications. The database can be easily copied and modified, used as reference for comparison or applied as statistical data for business intelligence, process optimization, security and many other purposes. A few examples of practical application:

  • Tracking back surveillance data
  • Creating permission database and managing access permissions
  • Calculate road toll or parking fee
  • Many more…