Choosing the LPR component for your project – how to make a smart choice

When setting up a new system in the LPR market the quality of the components is an extremely important factor. There is a special component however, that you should choose with extra care: the software responsible for license plate recognition.
But how can you make sure that you have top quality software for this task?

There are two main aspects that you should always consider as an integrator when choosing the LPR component for your system; recognition rate and integrability.

Let’s take recognition rate first. Apart from the obvious need for recognition rate to be as high as possible, it should also produce great results across different countries around the globe. A good LPR component reads the license plates of the vehicles passing by based on multiple images using OCR and event validation. Implementing these three elements in the process leads to high recognition rate – even higher than the recognition rates of the engines themselves.

And now on to integration. Instead of investing time, personnel and money on development you should look for a solution that integrates easily into any system in a short time. So, input should be the video stream of your camera and the output is the event data. This way you can use your development resources for customizing the user interface and other system components. Much better than starting to process a stream frame by frame.

These two aspects are especially important when you are working on your first LPR project. If you make sure that the LPR software of your choice fulfils these criteria you will make your life much easier, relieve a great deal of stress from your team while saving big time on integration and system setup.

The good news is that there is software like that on the market. ARU (Asura Recognition Unit) is a great LPR software delivering high recognition rate while being super easy to integrate and use.

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