Meanwhile in Singapore… – Milipol Asia-Pacific 2019

As much as we have been focusing on MIPS in Bali, and getting ready for the show, it is not the only expo in Asia where you can see Asura Technologies’ video analytics and LPR in action. Heimdall Defence and Cyrus Innovations are jointly showcasing mobile vehicle recognition using body cam footage at Milipol Asia-Pacific 2019 in Singapore. The whole process is handled through Milestone’s XProtect VMS, a recent addition to our integrations.

The integration with Milestone is an important step for Asura Technologies to better serve its clients in the Asia-Pacific region. As of date the vehicle make and model recognition – returning the brand and model of the car -, license plate recognition and vehicle color recognition are available under Milestone soon to be followed by armed threat detection. Asura Technologies’ video analytics and LPR solution are camera agnostic – you can use them with any IP camera that provides footage of sufficient quality, be it a body cam, a dash cam or CCTV cameras.

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