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Parking | Traffic management | Security&Surveillance

The product portfolio of ASURA provides a wide variety of solutions for applications requiring traffic data collection and vehicle identification. Whether it is parking-, traffic management or security applications, we provide the technology of the future.

Experience Asura Recognition Unit (ARU)!


Asura’s vehicle recognition technology is integrated into leading parking management solutions so setting up a parking operation with us is quick and cost-effective.
Set up temporary or permanent parking zones anywhere by using our technology as the core vehicle recognition solution; we provide mobile vehicle recognition based on footage of car- or other moving vehicle/object mounted cameras to support your operation.

Parking enforcement

Enforcement for event, on- or off-street parking is made easy by setting up mobile monitoring with Asura’s mobile LPR and vehicle recognition solutions. By receiving additional vehicle specific data, like vehicle brand, type and category, payment collection can be automatized making it faster and more reliable.


Parking, Access and Revenue Control Systems can be operated based on triggered (loop detection) LPR process. With ARU you can save resources by leveraging on its purely video analytics-based detection and reading mode. ARU is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing- or new system by importing all necessary data from the database. API and direct TCP connection (pushing the results) is provided so operators can connect at will.

Gate-less/barrier-less parking

ARU doesn’t need loops or other triggering/sensor devices to detect vehicles. It is fully capable to read the license plates and capture the vehicles’ image in free flow mode. Due to its high accuracy, no gates or barriers are necessary.

Revenue recovery

Enhance the efficiency of revenue recovery by introducing an enforcement system using license plate- and video analytics-based vehicle recognition. Reduce the number of parking violations by implementing an automatized LPR-based parking operation.

Traffic management

LPR and video analytics solutions for traffic data collection, supporting traffic enforcement efforts through automation and traffic surveillance.


We provide useful additions to any ITS system – vehicle and license plate information delivered real-time in free flow mode delivered using LPR and video analytics, using the existing camera infrastructure.

Traffic enforcement

ARU captures the vehicles and recognizes license plates and other vehicle data (Make and Model Recognition) in free flow mode based on video analytics that aids in identifying vehicles with a traffic rule violation record. Our software suite provides traffic surveillance features, monitoring the traffic and sending automatic alerts for violations like wrong turn, wrong direction, wrong lane and passing the red light.


We provide vehicle identification as the core technology for tolling and work using new or existing infrastructure. There is no need to install new cameras if the equipment is already set in place. Our system provides reliable vehicle information for enforcement; returns license plate-, vehicle brand and model information real time to payment management applications through TCP connection.

Road safety project, Ecuador

Security & surveillance

We deliver AI-powered custom applications for general security purposes like weapon detection and recognition, (banned) symbol recognition or behavior monitoring. Our vision is to utilize technology that allows a shift from taking reactive action to prevention. 

Access control

ARU has built-in functions supporting access control operations; a vehicle listing feature enabling the compilation of black-, white- or custom vehicle lists based on license plate numbers as well as the ability to pre-set access rules allowing the automation of I/O devices like barriers.

General reporting

ARU saves the results in a database that can later be exported on a daily basis or on a user-defined custom time-period basis. Results are saved into excel files and there is also the option of generating reports based on custom vehicle groups managed through the GUI (black, white or custom lists).


Asura solutions work on CCTV camera as well. IP cameras are supported directly as standard IP video stream (http or rtsp) are both processed by the software. Connecting to a CCTV network is easy, just enter the URL of the video stream during the 4-step setup and ARU is ready for processing.


Asura license plate reading and video analytics solutions work seamlessly with VMS systems. All results are pushed to the VMS platform with API under TCP protocol, making it easy for virtually any VMS system to be enhanced with license plate recognition, make and model recognition, weapon detection and other video analytics features.

LPR system with analogue camera, UK
Republic Polytechnic, Singapore