ARU Stop & Go

Optimized for medium and large scale parking and access control projects

Completly Camera Independent

You no longer need to purchase expensive cameras with onboard LPR – and therefore make huge savings on your LPR implementation costs.

Designed for general parking

Best fit for parking or access control projects at shopping malls, border control, hotels, airports, harbors or any other facility where the number of entrance- and exit lanes exceed 4.

Automatic data storage in SQL, CSV or XML

The results of the LPR activity are stored automatically in easily accessible database format of your choice: MySQL, XML, CSV.

Save Money

ARU Stop&Go is a turnkey solution which allows easy integration so you don’t waste an excessive amount of money, time and personnel on integrating leading LPR technology into your system.

Easy to Integrate

With our easy-to-use API it takes only a couple of days from purchase to actual operation to integrate LPR technology into your system.

Multiple price schemes

Price schemes correspond to project scope to ensure you always get an optimal price.