ASURA Cloud – The SaaS LPR solution

We believe that customer insight should be the focus of all developments inspired by global trends across different industries. Asura Technologies aims at providing integrators and LPR-based system operators progressive solutions to their LPR technology needs. Cloud-based services have been our obsession for a long time and we thought that if the biggest players in the software industry like Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Adobe all put their bets on the software as a service model, LPR technology shouldn’t work any differently. It is time to introduce a truly 21st century LPR solution – the Asura Cloud.

Asura Cloud is a cloud based LPR service available on a subscription-basis. With Asura Cloud you no longer need to set-up costly LPR infrastructure. The LPR application is hosted by Asura Technologies, is available 24/7 as a serviced solution (SaaS).

ASURA Cloud service in a nutshell

A full-fledged, cloud hosted LPR solution

Upload images captured of each event/vehicle. ARU will take care of plate detection and return one, validated LP data per event.

No programming or maintenance just a Service Level Agreement

99,9% uptime guaranteed in an SLA – 24/7 support available.

Event data ready for business use

Event data are available in several formats and are automatically pushed to the operator’s business application. Data storage in Asura Cloud is an available option.

Why choose Asura Cloud

LPR integration and operation are no longer an issue

Setup and operation is part of the Asura Cloud service, so you can save time, personnel and money. Monitoring and maintenance is performed directly by Asura Technologies.

Improve recognition rate on your site

Connect your existing system to Asura Cloud to improve recognition rate.

No heavy investment needed in hardware used for LPR

There is no need to risk investing in hardware as Asura Technologies provides the infrastructure required for the LPR process.

Reduced service fees during testing and implementation

At Asura Technologies we believe you should pay for what generates revenue for you. During implementation, testing and POC period Asura Technologies provides you the environment and service for a reduced price.

ASURA CLOUD Advantages:

  • No upfront investment in software licenses or hardware required for running the LPR process
  • By outsourcing the LPR process you can mitigate the risk of operation and maintenance
  • Subscription model no initial investment needed for enabling LPR for the business application
  • Warranty applied to the service through service levels guaranteed by SLAs between the operator and Asura Technologies
  • 98%+ accuracy
  • Cloud-based license plate recognition in over 110 countries


The pricing of Asura Cloud may vary according to project scope. Would you like to receive a quotation for your specific project?
Please contact us and the Asura Sales Team will be happy to help you!

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