Asura Cloud, the SaaS solution for LPR and traffic data collection. Service
gurantees quality and availability without upfront investments. Full scalability
focusing on Security and Parking industries.


Customer insight is the focus of developments inspired by global trends. Asura is providing such solutions to LPR technology needs. Cloud-based services have been our obsession likewise the biggest players in the software industry like Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Adobe. We all put our bets on the Software as a Service. LPR technology doesn’t work differently. We are introducing a truly 21st century LPR solution – the Asura Cloud.


Access control, enforcement and revenue collection assigned to vehicles.
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ITS and traffic enforcement

Identifying vehicles by registration number and country - with 98%+ accuracy.
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Collecting information for tracking back security breaches.
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Plug & Play


Plug&Play – MMR integration made as easy as installing an application

Integration without development

Economical = easy setup saves time and money

Camera agnostic


Camera-agnostic – Works with any camera regardless of manufacturer

40+ camera options pre-set

 Flexibility = efficient vendor risk management

Worldwide recognition


98%+ recognition rate on a global scale

Global LP/vehicle recognition

Innovation = deep learning algorithm based VA

Advantages of Asura Cloud

No upfront investment in hardware required for running the LPR software

By outsourcing you can mitigate the risk of operation and maintenance


Subscription model – have total control over the costs of your LPR operation



License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Uploading images and retrieving the license plate data is now available through cloud based service. You just have to upload the images and the license plate results are returning to you in real time.

Make and Model Recognition (MMR)

Adding Make and Model recognition with or without LPR can become an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to vehicle identification. This becomes acessible in the si plest way available today: in the cloud.

Data management

Obtaining the results is very flexible depending on your busines model. Storage in the cloud is n option just as returning the results in your own database or directly to your business application.

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Parking enforcement and revenue collection assigned by license plate numbers. 

Enforcement either for on-street or off-street parking is a challenge in many locations.  Collecting the revenue that is billed aligned to every parking event is being revolutionized on the market continuously by spreading LPR technology. A significant part of the automation progress is to be able to adapt license plate reading to handheld mobile- or any other imaging device. Uploading the captured events to a hosted service for processing that can return the license plate registration number, makes the process smart and light both from operation- and from the implementation point of view. 


Collecting information for backtracking security breaches with LPR. 

Implementing LPR as a complimentary option for raising security level is a great option. LPR as the backbone for your security operation leads to a more comprehensive approach even across multiple facilities and requirements. Condominiums, universities, hospitals and other non-commercial facilities often do not have the opportunity or simply it is not optimal for them to setup or improve their infrastructure to meet the requirements for enabling LPR. Operation and maintenance of such systems may also prove too much of a challenge for such facilities. In all these cases software as a service is the optimal choice when it comes to adding LPR as as source of extra information. Low traffic sites or application areas that do not require maximal efficiency are ideal scenarios for applying a cloud based LPR application.

ITS and traffic enforcement

Identifying vehicles by registration number and country with 98%+ accuracy.

Intelligent Traffic Systems and traffic management applications often require central processing. Setting up a back-office server for validating results or improving accuracy is not always the optimal solution. Why not use a service instead, hosted by a third party, easily adapted to any business application that adds value to your system while keeping costs as low as possible. Looking for a replacement for your LPR provider with existing infrastructure of installed cameras and sensors as triggering devices? Asura Cloud is the perfect solution when the project does not allow heavy investments and there is a need to keep integration efforts at a minimum. 

Experience the Plug And Play LPR first hand!

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