Plug and Play
Mobile License Plate Recognition
for vehicle-mounted cameras on the move


ARU Move is a version of ARU developed especially for car-mounted, mobile utilization. Regardless whether the camera is still or in motion, it captures and processes the images of moving or parking vehicles. Images are captured and processed per vehicle, making ARU Move a more sophisticated and reliable solution than mobile applications based on free flow LPR and plate capturing technology.



License Plate Recognition

Returns license plate number with issuing country and state (if applicable).


Make and Model Recognition

ARU Move works with make and model recognition as well and returns vehicle brand, type, color and category beside the license plate information.


Mobile LPR

ARU Move captures and processes the images regardless of the monitored vehicle being still or in motion.

Experience Asura Recognition Unit (ARU) MOVE!

Set up leaner, budget-conscious Mobile LPR systems with ARU MOVE


Plug and play

User friendly setup enables you to set up mobile vehicle recognition and LPR in a matter of minutes.


Camera agnostic

compatibility with basically any IP camera. You can manage your vendor risk and take control over expenses like never before.


Top rate LPR reading globally

98%+ recognition and returning country/state/province of issuance in over 110 countries.


Multiple data storing and output options

Event data is available in various file formats or pushed to the business application directly on demand, enabling quick integration to all back-office systems.

Parking enforcement

Event, on- and off-street parking is made easy by setting up mobile monitoring with ARU Move. By receiving additional vehicle specific data, payment collection can be automatized making it faster and more reliable.

Mobile tolling

Set up and operate a mobile tolling station in a matter of minutes. Monitor the traffic from a parked or a moving vehicle. ARU move returns license plate and make and model information as well.

Law enforcement

Patrol cars can utilize the technology of ARU Move to track vehicles automatically on daily basis to search stolen cars, wanted criminals or monitor traffic for infractions.

Security & surveillance

Patrolling inside a restricted area, high-security facility or a parking lot to collect data from and identify vehicles.

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