ARU Plug and Play LPR

9 out of 10 integrators agree that LPR solutions are either expensive and not flexible,
or too complicated, hard to integrate.

Not anymore.

We have created ARU, the plug ‘n play LPR solution that can adopt to any data collection (camera) system to enable license plate recognition.

Watch ARU in action:

Our LPR solution, the Asura Recognition Unit (ARU) is a plug and play application to enable LPR technology in any new or existing traffic or parking data collection system.

Plug & Play

Integrating LPR with ARU is easy, in 4 simple steps you have a working system. No development needed for integration so saving both time and money with ARU is easy.

Camera-vendor independent

ARU can work with any IP camera or image source that provides a sufficient image quality. You can manage your risk with vendors more effectively than ever. CCTV systems included!

98%+ Recognition Rate globally

Top rate LPR reading: 98%+ recognition rate in over 100 countries!

The recognition rates that ARU provide are maximized due to innovative video analytics technology based on machine learning technology.

Fields of Application:

ARU key features:

Connects to any IP camera and various image sources including video and image files. It can adapt to multiple streaming formats as well such as MJPEG or H264.

No need for expensive sensors such as loops: ARU is 100% VA based. It detects vehicles and license plates without external triggering.

Stores data of license plates in an easily applicable database, in various file formats or pushes them to the business application directly on demand.

Multi lane reading: ARU can read license plates and distinguish traffic by lane in case the image source shows multiple lanes. Multi lane reading is supported up to 3 lanes/camera.

ARU reads license plate registration numbers in any country of the world and recognizes country of issuance in more than 110 countries.

How ARU will help you
Build leaner, budget-conscious LPR systems

  • Multi lane processing capability saves you directly on the number of cameras you need to purchase and setup for your projects.
  • Implemented triggering will allow you to save the cost of additional hardware equipment.
  • VA based event management saves the additional costs of allocating resources for manual check and/or loss of reputation.
  • User friendly setup enables your engineers and developers to setup the application fast and work more efficiently.

Download ARU Product Sheet