Asura created the LPR software that adapts to any data collection system to
enable license plate recognition as core technology for traffic and parking
management, correlating with Security and ITS industries.

Plug and play software for license plate reading

The Asura Recognition Unit (ARU) is an easy-to-install and operate application enabling license plate recognition (LPR/NPR) in any new or existing traffic or parking management system. Connecting easily to IP cameras of any brand or video management systems (VMS), processing the video stream, performing vehicle detection and OCR and returning the results in a database or easily processed format; ARU is designed to fit any kind of business application without development.

ARU reads the country-specific features of license plates and recognizes both Latin and Arabic alphabets, states and number (e.g.: USA) as well as color-coded license plates. (e.g.: UAE, Qatar). ARU utilizes deep learning, so its performance is constantly evolving. Interoperable with MMR and other optional video analytics-based traffic enforcement features.


License plate and vehicle-based access control, enforcement and revenue collection
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High accuracy e-tolling and enforcement applications using license plate- and vehicle recognition
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Weapon detection, perimeter security and access control solutions using advanced video analytics
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ITS and traffic enforcement

Traffic monitoring, analytics and enforcement applications applying LPR and video analytics
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Why ARU?

Plug & Play


Plug&Play – MMR integration made as easy as installing an application

Integration without development

Economical = easy setup saves time and money

Camera agnostic


Camera-agnostic – Works with any camera regardless of manufacturer

40+ camera options pre-set

 Flexibility = efficient vendor risk management

Worldwide recognition


98%+ recognition rate on a global scale

Global LP/vehicle recognition

Innovation = deep learning algorithm based VA

Experience Asura Recognition Unit (ARU)!

Build leaner, budget-conscious LPR systems with ARU

Multi lane processing means less cameras. It saves you the cost of purchase, installation and maintenance.

No trigger / sensors needed. Save the cost of additional hardware equipment on traffic sensors for triggering.

Integration-readiness. Fast and efficient setup and operation. No need to develop based on Software Libraries or SDK-s.



Vehicle list

Connects to any IP camera and various image sources including video and image files. It can adapt to multiple streaming formats as well such as MJPEG or H264.

Multi camera handling

In case multiple cameras are monitoring a lane, front and rear license plate results for the same vehicle are automatically sorted into a single final result.

Data storing

Stores data of license plates in an easily applicable database, in various file formats or pushes them to the business application directly on demand.

ARU is a unique LPR and vehicle identification software. Read more information about technical details of its features.

Application Fields

Experience the Plug And Play LPR first hand!

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