Plug and Play
Access Control Extension for ARU

Access Control Extension for Parking Operations

ARU ACE is a plug and play access control solution with full LPR integration for parking and security applications. With ARU ACE you can easily set up automatic vehicle access control for your site by identifying and approving entry or exit events for vehicles. Operate barrier-less parking by setting your access rules for your custom vehicle lists all managed via the same intuitive UI. Raise the security and efficiency of your operation by leveraging on ARU’s seamless fitting of smart LPR and access control feaures and secure restricted sites with less manpower by automatising access control and setting-up custom alarms for events like approaching vehicles.



Vehicle listing

Black- and white list or custom listing enables to group the vehicles and filter based on license plate information.


Access rules

Define rules and match with vehicle lists (groups) to grant or deny access for certain vehicles.


Device control

Control your devices and operate certain functions of the infrastructure through web request.

Experience Asura Recognition Unit (ARU) ACE!

Leaner, budget-conscious LPR Access control systems
with ARU ACE

Multi lane processing means less cameras. It saves you the cost of purchase, installation and maintenance.

No trigger / sensors needed. Save the cost of additional hardware equipment on traffic sensors for triggering.

Integration-readiness. Fast and efficient setup and operation. No need to develop based on Software Libraries or SDK-s.

Why ARU?


Camera Agnostic

Work with the hardware device of your choice


Plug 'n Play

Integrate as easy as installing an app on your phone


Vehicle identification

Benefit from complete vehicle identification with LPR & MMR features

Experience the Plug 'n Play
Access Control Extension for ARU LPR first hand!

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