Aim at prevention.
Detect and recognize major threats before an incident happens.


Complex threat detection

Prevention and taking effective action requires a multilateral analytic and alarm system. AI Shield, the video analytics system developed by Asura is capable of analyzing images, video streams or other visual input to classify and distinguish between different threat-levels.

Sport Events

Complete identification multiplies the effectiveness of incident detection, identification and retracing. Operates even in crowded environments.
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High Security Facilities

Increase the on-site and perimeter security of banks, embassies, airports, educational, government- and law enforcement facilities, etc.
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Crowded Events

Surveillance cameras and mobile solution – the latter works on cameras mounted on vehicles as well.
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ACTS of Terrorism

The system works seamlessly using new or already established infrastructure like general security- or surveillance camera footage. Connects to CCTV/VMS systems to identify terrorist threat: detects and identifies weapons to automatically alarm authorities.
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The software is already integrated into various VMS systems. Should you prefer a different system, we deliver a turn-key solution – no need to waste time, resources and effort on the integration.


Camera-vendor independent

The analytics system can work with any IP-, analogue camera or other image source that provides sufficient image quality. You can manage your risk with vendors more effectively than ever.


AI image recognition

Complete classification, object recognition and identification using the combination of different elements in video analytics, image recognition and Artificial Intelligence technology.

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Object recognition

Recognize objects based on pattern characteristics e.g. vehicle classification by model and type.


Classify different objects by certain attributes e.g. shape, color or other differentiating patterns.

Motion analysis

Analyze and recognize motion patterns of individuals or a crowd. Supports classifying and verifying threat.



Weapon Detection and Classification System

Weapon detection and classification on real-time surveillance camera stream or recorded footage (pointed/edged weapons, small firearms, machine guns, rifles, heavy guns, etc.)


Symbol detection and recognition

Recognition of banned or other symbols associated with certain groups posing potential threat e.g. discriminatory signs and symbols in European football as per

General security alarms

Pairing threat-types with typical alarms like smoke, fire and other patterns allows classification and verification of different levels of threats and security breaches.

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