Sidenotes to Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

We try to solve very complicated problems without letting people know how complicated the problem was.” – John Ive

3 weeks after Intertraffic Amsterdam it is time to review what we achieved on the exhibition – I thought to myself. The numbers are impressive, over 600 leads out of which more than 150 companies are testing ARU – the real plug and play LPR solution. Some major players have already shown interest in a potential strategic cooperation for the US, Latin America and Australia. Last but not least the Asura Recognition Unit was a Special Mention at the Intertraffic Innovation Award due to its highly innovative approach of making existing infrastructure smarter – LPR ready in fact.

The results carry a special message for me; our new approach to business (at least in the traffic technology industry) which is built around communication, credibility, user experience and customer focus passed the test and is paying off.

But what exactly is so different about our business approach? It’s quite simple, really. In communication; we cut the bullshit. We speak openly about what we can do – what we are good at in fact – and do not shy away to discuss our shortcomings. We regard these as opportunities to get better.

In other words, we are credible and make real efforts to back up our communication. I mean we could communicate anything – there are lots of companies doing that – so it all comes down to how we walk the talk.

Which leads us to the next step; building credibility through user experience. Up to my experience whoever gets the opportunity to test our plug and play LPR system in a real environment – processing actual traffic footage – are quick to take the next step to a cooperation. Again, the logic is simple; we have a good product, so why not let the future users test the hell out of it? What do users see? A 20-minute intuitive system setup (you can get your LPR system up-and-running in 4 clicks) following a quick registration and download of the demo version of ARU. Just like the commercial version, the only difference being that customers receive credits to test either on pictures, a video stream or video file. Credits used up?

Enter customer focus. We simply top up the credits once we know the exact requirements. Here’s a good example: one partner started testing our system for a tolling project. They connected ARU to their cameras and used up all credits due to the high traffic in 2 hours.  (1 event uses 1 credit which counts as 1 recognition just to be clear). They quickly received another 15000 credits and guess what. A few days later we welcomed a new customer.

We have to realize that 2018 is no longer only about technology. The way you deliver technology is just as important. Customers are getting more conscious and are eager to test and purchase new technologies more fitted to their needs. We are proud to be one of the few who are driving these changes in the industry – even if this means being copied communication- and marketing-wise – but this simply tells us that we are on the right track. And believe me, we are not done with exciting innovations for this year – enter ARU+ in mid-June. But I do not want to run forward, need to leave some information to announce for the marketing guys as well.

ARU is a plug and play solution to enable high accuracy LP recognition in any existing or new visual data collection system. Currently most LPR solutions are either expensive and not flexible or too complicated, hard to integrate. ARU is camera-independent, can work with any IP camera and delivers high recognition rate without using expensive HW triggers with its sophisticated validation algorithm. ARU stores and pushes LPR results to any business application in either MySQL, XML or CSV format.

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